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Wear cashmere coat do not always choose black, popular this year "off-white", how to match good-looking

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Cashmere coat is really hot this year, I suggest to wear this "off-white", casual collocation are good-looking!

Coat this sheet article, believe that every girl's almirah can have, after all, it can be the most important existence as autumn and winter season. And coats are divided into several kinds, woolen coats, wool coats, cashmere coats and so on.
Among them, the wool coat in the daily appearance rate is relatively high, although the wool coat utilization rate is very high, but its texture is not too good, and wear it will have a significant sense of heaviness, plus the streets are full, so it seems some rotten streets.

Therefore, compared with woolen coats, cashmere coats are more popular this year, especially the off-white ones, which can look warm and gentle in cold weather. Don't worry about being dull and monotonous

Perhaps, there will be many girls questioned here, why not choose black cashmere coat, but off-white? Lily knows that the black cashmere coat will have a better slimming effect visually, but it is inevitably dull and depressing. What's more, originally autumn winter season is some depressing, choose to wear the dress that fasten so brunet even, whole person looks to appear to have no spirit.

Off-white cashmere coat, is gentle, temperament, and this color is friendly to all skin tones, whether you are white or black, all can be managed. The most important point is that it is versatile enough, how to match the clothes are good-looking!

Off-white cashmere coats for different body types:

Broad shoulders and thick back

For wide shoulders, thick back figure, how to choose suitable off-white cashmere coat? In order to reduce the bloated and stout coat after the sense of vision, it is recommended to choose the right shoulder type of cashmere coat. For example, lapel sleeves, a coat without shoulder pads and epaulettes, such a style can better modify the shortcomings of wide shoulders and thick back.

Big chest, thick waist figure

Believe, bosom big waist is thick the figure of type, the dress that chooses in qiu dong season also is very troubled? So, this type of body, how to choose a suitable for their own off-white cashmere coat? For this kind of figure, the most important thing is to choose the right collar, whether it is inside, or coat. Lily suggests looking for a cashmere coat with a small or deep V-neck, plus a slightly slimmer version, or a cashmere coat with a belt.

Big hips and thick legs

Buttocks and thick thighs, to do a good job of lower body modification, choose the appropriate length of rice white cashmere coat, such as long, length just to the knee position of the coat, put on can be very good cover up the shortcomings and shortcomings of the figure.

Short and tall
What kind of cashmere coat is suitable for short and tall figures? In fact, just choose the right length! Simply take an example: the height of 156 below, short, knee length of medium long can be managed. Above 160 height, above knee length, and ankle length wear more impressive.

With an off-white cashmere coat

Look1, off-white cashmere coat + white turtleneck sweater + radish pant

Suit a suit of late autumn very much dress up, put together the rice white cashmere coat of milk tea color edge, the design of clash color, very good drive away drab feeling. Cashmere texture is very good, thick weight, crisp and loose version, wearing the upper body will not look bloated. The knee-length, 160 small people can easily pull off, under a white turtleneck sweater, a pair of khaki radish pants, this version of the pants, it is too thin, what leg problem do not worry about. Roll up the trouser leg slightly, put on a pair of brown square toe ankle boots, very elegant and elegant.
Look2, off-white cashmere coat + white high collar bottom + beige knitted pants

Lily: Well, in some areas, the temperature is already going downhill. In such cold weather, how can we not keep warm when we go out? Off-white cashmere medium long coat, wear to show both warmth and aura, looks a little light, actually very warm. White high collar is taken inside, and rice white coat is very suitable, the color also played an echo effect, simple and clean.

Come to see next body again, it is pants of wide leg of a cream-colored knitting, match color of a whole set is more low-key and show gentleness, of sneaker join, much a few minutes recreational sports breath instead.

Look3, off-white cashmere long coat + high-collar bottom + off-white suit wide-leg pants
A very advanced set of wear, long white cashmere coat, more suitable for tall girls to wear, identity minutes to create the aura you want. The texture of the coat is very good. It seems to be thin and light, but in fact it is very heavy in the hand. It also has a good sense of hanging on the upper body, and it can visually elongate the body.

Cream-colored turtleneck bottom shirt + cream-colored suit wide-leg trousers, even the color of shoes is also cream-colored, the combination of these pieces with the same color looks too harmonious, right?

Look4, off-white cashmere coat + knitted bottom skirt

Wear cashmere coat this year, really do not always choose black, compared with the dull black, now rice white cashmere coat is more popular. A cashmere coat with elegance and temperament, low-key and gentle color matching, no matter what skin color you are, you can wear a good look, the overall fabric is very thick, sagging sense, even a slight fat figure, you can also wear a slim sense.

However, its length is a bit of a pick, simple 165 height to wear, with a knitted bottom dress, simple and warm, a pair of white ankle boots, played a very good ornament.

Look5, off-white cashmere coat + high collar bottom + knitted mid-length skirt

For the autumn and winter season, girls who do not like to wear pants, can try to choose a knitted skirt to match, whether it is a knitted dress, or a half-length knitted skirt, with this kind of white cashmere coat match, are super good-looking. This length is knee length, 156 small people can also wear, with a high collar bottom + mid-length knit skirt, simple and durable color matching, wearing white ankle boots, and coat color echo.

Conclusion: How? Do you still like the cream cashmere coat Lily shared above? Wear cashmere coat do not always choose black, this year is more popular off-white, how to match all good-looking!